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Sometimes we go to the store or the neighbor. There are only three things we want to take with us: the key, the wallet, the phone. We don’t want to take bags with us for three things, not all of these things will fit in our pockets, so what you say to do; here is a practical handbag for situations like this I will tell you about the construction of this article. You can do the same by following lectures and pictures.
This bag has its own keychain ring, an inner pocket so that the phone keys don’t touch each other and the phone screen doesn’t scratch, and a side handle so you can attach it to your wrist.
In addition, the size of the easy to carry.

It is possible to see all the material I used in the picture below. Size details are as follows::
Back section polka dot fabric 14x20cm
Front section polka dot fabric 10x20cm
Front part Yesil green fabric 6x20cm
Polka dot fabric for handle part 8x42cm

2nd ed.Interior:
14×20 (2 pieces of cream-colored plain fabric for each side)
Supporting ironable vlieseline 14×20 (2 pieces for each side)
Polka dot fabric for attaching key ring 12x6cm
Polka dot fabric for pocket (out of pocket) 9x12cm
Cream color fabric for pocket (inside pocket) 9x12cm

3. Other haves
Keychain ring
18cm zipper

Planting stages:
1st.Ironing of the support to the inner fabric
We start by ironing supporting materials on the back of both of the cream-colored fabrics that will be located on the inside to ensure that the form of the bag does not deteriorate in the later times. One side of these promoters adheres to the fabric with the heat of the iron, so it must not be deydırılmaması this sticking part when ironing otherwise it adheres to the Iron. You can see very well in the light which side this part is sticking to.
You can also sew the bag without the use of a promoter, there won’t be much change in its appearance.

2nd ed.Iron and sewn from the edges of the cord to which the handle and key ring will be attached
For the handle, we use 8x42cm polka dot fabric longitudinally double down the middle and iron it, then fold each edge back to the middle and iron it again. We fold and iron the little piece we cut for the cord in the same way.

We sew both pieces from the bottom as far as possible.

3.Seaming the pocket

To sew the pocket, we put the necessary fabrics on top of each other face to face and sew all sides as far as possible from the bottom. We leave a small opening on the bottom of the four sides. This small opening will help reverse the piece we sewed for the pocket.

We reverse and iron the piece carefully sewn from this opening. This ironed pocket part of the inside of the bag will form one of the sides of the middle pin fixing, except the top of the three sides of the rather bottom sew. What we leave open and the bottom part is so sewn up and closed.

4.Joining the front

We Yesil the 6x20cm green fabric on the polka dot fabric, which is 10x20cm as shown in the picture, to combine the two parts on the front. We needle both fabrics with Face parts facing each other.

We sew leaving a 1cm seam margin.

5.Sewing the key ring cord with the piece we prepared as a bag handle
Parallel to the front, we sew the bag handle from the bottom to the bottom of Yesil fabric. We sew the cord of the key ring from the edge down to 3-4 cm from the top in parallel to the inner fabric we sew the pocket.

6.Erecting the zipper
The zipper is turned upside down and sewn as close to the zipper as possible by attaching the needle from above to the front of the exterior, as shown in the picture.The front side of the interior is then pinned as shown in the picture and sewn close to the zipper again, the same processes are applied to the other side of the zipper for the outer fabric and the back parts of the inner fabric.

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