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Sewing is not just for sewing clothes, accessories come to life with sewing. Bags, wallets, flowers, what else… go through our pages and our sewing categories and we think you’ll find great things.

I said a dress pouch, but a very nice make-up bag is fine. You can also use it as a toy bag by making it in larger sizes.


1 piece 22*47 cm fabric (to be used for inner lining)
2 pieces 22*13.5 cm fabric (plaited piece)
22 * 24 cm fabric (the part that will form the blue base)
2 pieces 21*5.5 cm fabric (Blue, where the ribbon will pass)
2 60 cm long ribbons
If you have prepared your materials, you can easily do it by watching the video. It’s really easy to build, so don’t be afraid. If you know how to sew straight, you can do it in a short time when you follow the steps carefully.

I wanted to show you how to make a pouch that even beginners can easily sew. You can sew these bags from shirts, linens, small pieces of fabric that you don’t use as a recycling project. You can even use it as a clothes pouch, a slipper bag or even a rations bag. Perhaps your friends who will have a baby can prepare such bags and put a few small pieces of clothing, small toys in a nice gift package can create.


* 2 pieces of 20*39 cm fabric (one for lining and one for outer face. I chose different colored fabrics)

*2 pieces of 5.5 * 9 cm fabric (to create channels through ribbons)

* 2 60 cm long ribbon

* Yarn, needle, scissors, sewing machine

I added a shahmeran figure model to my bag designs. We can redesign the patterns and figures of our culture by using them in our designs, blending them with our own style.
It took me 3-4 days to make this denim bag. I can’t say it’s too easy because there are so many details and I did it all by sewing them one by one.
When making this bag I used denim fabric, imitation leather, beads, stamp beads, iron jewelry materials, felt and ready embroidered appliqués. It was a colorful and different denim bag model, I hope you enjoyed it too.

My lavender sacs in salmon, lace and ribbon detail. The benefits of lavender are endless. For example, you can put your babies on the tip of the head to help them sleep better, or you can put them in cupboards to make our clothes smell good. It will also be the most accurate choice of lavender sacs to leave lasting gifts to loved ones on your most special days.

The choice of fabric is up to you and your imagination. In the bead fiber, a teaspoon of lavender will suffice to put. You can use anything you can think of to decorate it, or even not 🙂 which you will see in every decoration, wonderful things emerge.
Fabrics such as cotton, linen, satin will also help you to create eye-pleasing sacs from an aesthetic point of view. My suggestion would be to use etuval linen and cotton cloth..

I prefer to use lavender, which has been harvested from the field so that the oil has not been taken from the water. The smell can last longer. When you crumble the lavender in the pouch with your hands, you renew its scent.

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